Rule to permit traffic to route to Exchange2010 server

  • 14 October 2013
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Hello, I'm trying to find out if it's necessary to create a rule to permit traffic on TCP Port 25 from a server on our domain to our main Exchange mail server for the the purpose of sending out email outside of our domain (in this case to customers and suppliers from our billing systems). 
I'm well aware of the risks of creating open relay's on mail platforms and have taken steps to secure the Exchange server, but I still can get the message to route from the billing system to the Exchaneg Server, has anyone got any experiance if this is necessary with Webroot and if so what the rule would look like.
Any contributions would be welcome 😃

1 reply

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Offhand, this does not sound like a Webroot-related issue. One way to test to see if that's the case would be to use your console to set the servers to an unmanaged policy and proceed to perform some testing by disabling Webroot and trying to reproduce the issue. If the issue persists with Webroot shut down, it's definitely not Webroot-related. Remember to re-enable your protection and adjust your policy back to whatever it was previously when the test is complete. If it is a Webroot issue, we'll be happy to investigate. Let's find out.