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  • 19 June 2014
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My Master Life Coaching client, brought her hard drive to me, and asked to work on her website with my help. Then after jumping her hard drive into my desk top with an adapter, my desk top had 8 threats. Here are my questions.
Is it likely the threats were from her hard drive, or from go-daddy website builder?
Is there any threat that our websites may be contaminated; and if so how can I check, or treat the threats so no one gets boobie-trapped just by going to our sites? (mine is through vistaprint)

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1 reply

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Hello mlifecoach, and welcome to the Webroot Community.
As the threats were found on your desktop, and not the client hard drive, my guess is that they were NOT from her drive.  That being said, there is also a good chance that your websites are not contaminated either.
I would suggest that you file a Trouble Ticket to have Webroot Support take a look, as the infections found may be what are known as False Postives.  This can happen if there is a change to the Cloud definitions at Webroot's side, or if there has been a change of files in the GoDaddy Website Builder that the Webroot Cloud is not yet aware of.
What will happen is that Webroot Support will look at the detections, and determine if they were indeed malware, or if they were a set of False Positives, they will 'Whitelist' the files in the Cloud to fix the problem globally, as well as provide you any additional directions you may need to take on your computer.
If you are using one of the WSA-Business products, please use THIS LINK to file the Trouble Ticket.
If you are using a WSA-Home product (WSA-AntiVirus, WSA-Internet Security, WSA-Complete) please use THIS LINK to file the Trouble Ticket.