Same device listed as Not Seen and Protected

  • 3 October 2019
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When I look at my servers and PCs in the GSM management console, I have some devices listed as both, Not Seen Recently and Protected.

What's happening & how can I fix it?


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2 replies

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These might be what we call "duplicates." This can happen for a few reasons listed but not limited to the following:

  • The agent is installed onto a new system that's been given the same hostname, therefore showing two entries with one not seen recently.
  • An OS or other large update causing the way the agent identifies and fingerprints the system causing a duplicate and again the old one not seen recently.
  • An agent was uninstalled but NOT deactivated, causing two entries and the old one not seen recently.
If you know for a fact the hostname on the system that's "protected" is showing green and reporting in correctly and responds to agent commands, then simply deactivate the duplicate or not seen recently by going to group management and placing a checkbox next to the not seen recently duplicate and click deactivate from the top toolbar.

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or it could simply be an issue I have been experiencing for over a year now. The agent simply quits talking to the GSM. Then you can’t uninstall it because it thinks it is managed. You can’t move it to an unman-aged group because it isn’t communicating with the agent. Nice Catch-22.