Scan via web console W7 to W10 remote laptop

  • 17 February 2017
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Hi I am currently testing WR end point with the intention of introducing it to my customer base. I am a managed provider and will be using the web console (WC) to manage my clients. I have tested on W7 PC's so far all ok but our W10 remote office laptop stopped scanning over a week ago even though I initiated several manual scans to no avail? Any ideas? xT

5 replies

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Hi Xtype
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I believe that your query would be better placed in the Business side of the Community. I can move the thread for you if you would like. Please let me know and I will action.
Regards, Baldrick
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Thank you Baldrick yes I guess that would be more appropriate.
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Done, are now in the hands of our most excellent Business Forum members. ;)
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Ok the W10 PC was on but logged out of account. As soon as i Iogged into the windows account it quickly scaned. So it seems that the node must be live (Logged in) to work. What am I missing in policy settings in the console to correct this?
Thanks in advance ......xT
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