Server 2012 & Exchange 2013 - Any issues running Endpoint protection ?

  • 29 July 2013
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Hi there Experts,
I fairly new to Webroot SecureAnyware EndPoint protection and have just setup a new Windows Server 2012 hyper-v environment.
1 x Server 2012 standard (with GUI) running hyper-V role (Host)
            3 x Server 2012 Servers (Guests)
                   1. File Server
                   2. Email Server (Exchange 2013)
                   3. Terminal Server
Question 1. Are there any programs/services etc that need to be excluded or whitelisted in Server 2012 / Exchange 2013 right from the start to void any stability or performance issues?
Question 2. Should I install Webroot on the Hyper-V host server? 
Thanks in advance,

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Welcome esso1968.
1. Unlike traditional AV solutions, WSA does not require you to make exceptions. As such you do not need to exclude or whitelist any services that you might be running.
2. If you wish to protect your Hyper-V host then I suggest you install it there as well as on your virtual machines. Although there are not a lot of things actually happening on your host machine, I do suggest that you install an agent there as well, just to keep it all protected. Since WSA has minimal impact on your server performance you should install it to also keep that machine safe from possible infections.