Slow updates with weboot AEM integration?

  • 4 October 2016
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We administer Webroot that is integrated with AEM (Autotask Endpoint Management) and that works reasonably fine.
According to our policy webroot is supposed to be installed automatically with the installation of the AEM agent, and sometimes this installation takes place instantly.
In other cases, it might literally take more than a day before Webroot is installed and overall any change in webroot administration from AEM-level can take a really long time to kick in.
Has anyone who uses Webroot with AEM integration possiby experienced the same problem, and can that be remedied?

4 replies

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Any issues concerning AEM Integration with Webroot need to be dealt with by Autotask's Customer Support directly:
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I am currently using AEM with Webroot Integration and have been for the past year. My experience is similar and I have found that a scheduled reboot after the deployment (usually that night) ensures that the reporting back to the AEM console takes place. Have not researched why this happens but have adjusted my Standard Operating Procedure to include this.
I have the same issue with AEM and Webroot integration.  Webroot does not see to want to deploy on Windows PCs after installing AEM agent. I can wait a few hours to a few days and nothing.  Webroot integration seems to only work on our Primary Site in AEM.  In addtion, on all the other sites, Webroot integration will work on Servers and MAC OS but not regular Windows PCs. 
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We are using Webroot and Autotask AEM+PSA.
Deployment normaly takes not more then 1-2 min.
We have configured like this
- Create a Group in Customer Site called "WebRoot"
- Create a Policy on the Customer Site called "WebRoot-Deployment", Use Type "Webroot-Security.....", Set the Policy to Target->Sitegroup->Webroot, Language: Your Language, Proxy: No Proxy or your Proxy, Monitoring-> the Settings you wish, Save.
After you add PC's, Servers to that Group you can Quick Push the Policy under Customers Site->Policy->Find the Webroot Policy-> and Push the "Apply changes" Button i think 🙂 (we use German so maybe the Buttons have other Names)
If you do not trigger this via the Button you have to wait for the normal Policy Update cycle from AEM.
Make Sure you have configured the Webroot Agent Settings under Setup->Integrations, so new Computers get the right Site-Key.
And i forgot: If you use Sophos Webfilter or similar Products check if the download gets blocked (Sophos Webfilter blocks Webroot Installer!)

Best Regards, Stefan