Sonicwall Blocks webroot

  • 2 April 2017
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I recently found out our webroot secureanywhere was being blocked by our sonicwall under the CFS policys ? what is the sugestion action  for resolving this problem. What URL's or exe files should be excluded or whitelisted..?

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Hey @
You'll need to setup rules on the Sonicwall to allow communication to the following Domains to allow Webroot to communicate with it's services.

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Thats fine I can just place those in the allowed domains...Thank you
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@  If you've got any sway with Webroot, could you communicate this to their documentation and support teams?  Sonicwall Gateway AV's been blocking installer downloads from IP's that reverse-resolve to addresses, but support swears up-and-down that these are the only 5 FQDN's that need to be allowed through firewall:

    Agent communication and updates
    (Please note: Some firewalls do not support double dotted subdomain names with a single wildcard mask (i.e. being represented by * so some environments might require either * or *.*

    Agent messaging

    Agent file downloading and uploading
    Required for agent Web Filtering, elasticbeanstalk is an amazon AWS domain

    Management portal and support ticket logs upload