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  • 30 August 2013
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After upgrade of WSA to version .174 I observed a strange issue.
When I go to System Tools/System Control/Control Active Processes and click any process and then "More Info" new window appears and when I click "Details" everything dissappears and I have two WSA icons in a system tray for couple of seconds. Looks like some bug to me.

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5 replies

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Hi Przemek
Good Catch! I've opened a ticket with our developers to get this fixed as soon as possible.
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Great. Thanks a lot.
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Devs already beat us to it :S I just tested and its it's fixed in the next build, currently in beta.
Thanks though and let us know if you find any more!
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You probably noticed that by now but the same thing happens when you clik:
1. In the overview tab "view details"
2. System Tools/Reports/Protection Statistics "View"
...and probably in few more places:P
Any idea when it may be fixed?
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Yes QA got that one too, but thanks, it's always worth checking! This was the original issue that lead the QA team to find the issue also in the 'Control Active Processes' section.
We're hoping that the update that includes the fix for this will roll out by next week, however I can't promise anything as the QA process can be hard to predict.