System Admin Memes

  • 3 September 2013
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Let's have some fun!  Post your favorite system admin memes!  :robotlol:


I bet between all of us, we've got a lot of good ones.

11 replies

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With his T-Shirts this is two memes in one.

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How can we forget all time favorite Carol Beer:

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I have this one printed on my wall

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I get that IT crowd one repeated to me on the phone the odd time as
a) I am in tech support
b) My name is Roy
c) I am from Ireland
And yes I watch the IT crowd alot :D
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Couldn't resist posting this one...
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Not enough crying in the datacenter because the industrial A/C units cover up the sound and the airflow drys the tears.
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Well, I basically killed this thread.
Good job, me.
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Devotion to Duty
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Not quite a meme, but one of my favorite helpdesk related signs:

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I know that was posted a month ago but man did it make my day!