temporarily disable firewall?

  • 29 June 2015
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First time poster. :)
Is there a way to temporarily disable the firewall?
Some users needs to disable the firewall temporarily (developers...) but I dont want them to be able to disable the firewall permanently.

5 replies

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You can change that in the policy and then push that out, but it will wait until the next successful poll to make that change, which might be a hassle if they're looking for immediate changes.  You could set the policy to Default Allow and see if that stops the issues they're having.  The final option is to set them as unmanaged, so they can make their own changes, but that will allow them to just turn it off and leave it off, unfortunately.
Ok, thanks for the answer.
Where do I change so the users can enable / disable the firewall in the GUI?
If I try to change it in the GUI i get the message:
"SecureAnywhere is currently managed by the Web Console and all changes need to be applied centrally. Please refer to the SecureAnywhere documentation for further information."
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Unfortunately it's all or nothing on the endpoint - you have to set them to unmanaged policy in the console.  There isn't the ability to do that for some features and not others.
Are there any plans to allow partial policy control? Features like this it would be very handy to allow users to be able to control without giving them full control over everything?
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I haven't heard of this being on this quarter's roadmap, but I can see what I can find out.