terminalserver 2008 r2 - thread found and announced to every user logged on

  • 19 November 2014
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hi guys,
i have a terminalserver 2008 r2 with secure anywhere. today a thread was found in one user session.
on all other sessions a window popped up stating to remove or to wait to remove the thread.
how can i configure that not all logged on users get this message?
the system stopped respondig and a restart of the server was neccessary...
what need to be configured differently ?
thanx in advance...

2 replies

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Hm, good question - let me ask some folks here and get back to you.
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So here's what one of the support folks here recommended:
There is a policy setting. "Scan Settings - Automatically remove threats found during background scans" make sure that is enabled.
Also "Scan Settings - Automatically reboot during cleanup without prompting" should be off.