this is smartgirl66, does anyone know how to clear a security code off a fairly new Buss P C ?

  • 14 June 2015
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the PC was given to me by a friend to help me go to school on line. It has a security code that the former owner left on it. Please Help Me

3 replies

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I am not quite sure what you are referring to.
Are you saying that Webroot is installed on the system and you are trying to remove it?

Please respond to me here and let me know exactly what it is that you are seeing.
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The fairly new computer given to me to go to school online has a security code that has it locked. I can,t get pass to start . the person that gave it to my friend for me has gone away from college and can,t be found. The p c is almost new. I,m thankful for it. I needed one for college. I can,t buy one  for a long while.I need to find out are there any codes or access infro that will delete the security code on it. I just lost my brother, and have been very, very tired and busy finishing up paperword for the family. Sorrow i took so long to reply. thanks sincerely, smartgirl66.
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Hello @,
Unfortunately this is not something we can assist with.
There are a rare few methods that you can find online that may work for you but the best bet would be to take it to a local technician and have them resolve this for you.

I hope this helps and I am very sorry to hear about your loss.

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