Ticketmaster and similar sites blocked.

  • 5 December 2014
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We use the WSS on our small Windows based network. While it does a good job, there are sites that apparenly dont allow our proxy based connection to their servers. We have noticed this on Craigslist, Ticketmaster and others. Are there any work arounds short of using another service or a hard wired device?

3 replies

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Unfortunately that's a known issue, where certain sites will block IP ranges from the Amazon data center (which is who we use for our proxy). I guess they do that for security reasons. There's a way to bypass specific sites from the proxy in the console as a workaround. Go to Groups, then select the group to edit, then go to the DWP Configuration tab. From there, you can enter domains in the Browser Bypass box. The syntax is as follows:
so use the ; as a separator between entries, and include the * wildcards around the domains so that subdomains are bypassed as well.  Let me know if that works!
This resolved the issue. I do appreciate you participating in the forums!
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Sure thing, glad that did the trick!