Too Many Websites Blocked

  • 1 June 2016
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We utilise webroot proxy for our business and roughly 15 pc's work through it.

One person in the business spends their day searching the web for new retail clients we can supply too. However, when trying to access a good number of these websites they are blocked by webroot. This happens regularily and makes their job very difficult as to get each one unblocked requires a phone call to the IT support company we use, then a series of calls to get authorisation and a delay whilst webroot access updates.

Our IT support company say that retail websites should be accessible but time and time again they are blocked. We have asked about reducing the security settings to enable more freedom and they said they cannot without loweringit for everybody else and endangering the whole office.

This is making webroot really unpractical for us and wondered if you could provide a solution to present to them as they appear reluctant to offer us any options.


1 reply

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There's a policy setting under Web Threat Shield called "Suppress the user's ability to make local Web Threat Shield overrides" that is set to on by default. If you create a new policy for that user and turn that to off, then they'll be able to bypass those warnings.

The reason they're probably hitting a lot of blocked sites is that newer websites tend to get scored as suspicious because we don't have any history on them and a lot of phishing sites spin up only for a day or two. If he's specifically looking for new retail clients who might have just setup their new webpage that would explain why he's getting a lot of blocks.