Trouble creating blacklist rules for file paths

  • 2 June 2020
  • 3 replies

I’m having trouble creating blacklist rules for file paths.  Guides I’m finding say it should be possible, but when I try it’s only allowing me to use the md5 hash and not the path.  Any ideas?



3 replies

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Hello @syoung 


I’m not sure but I will ping a Webroot Staff memebr that will @coscooper 



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@syoung - unfortunately, blacklists do not support directory paths. Also note, any blacklists are treated as malicious files and will be removed/quarantined. Use them sparingly.



This functionality seems like it would be fairly easy to implement since the whitelists can already do it.  Are there plans to add this to a future version?  If not, is there somewhere to request this in a future update?