Turning off scan files when written or modified?

  • 1 February 2018
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I've been getting complaints from several new clients that Webroot is severely slowing down workflows when opening and saving files. Will turning off this feature help and will it be a big security risk to do so?

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3 replies

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Turning off Scan files when written or moddified isn't recommended on workstations as although it doesn't disable the protection fully, it is disabling one of the main options that would assist with some threat detections.
If you're experiencing slowness it is best to contact Support so they can gather logs. This is often caused by excessive monitoring in which Support can resolve by having the item(s) in question whitelisted.  If this isn't the case however it will still provide the proper information for Support to provide a better solution.
If you haven't already you can also look at: 
Ok, thanks. I have submitted a support ticket and will wait for a reply there.
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That's great! Thanks for letting me know.