unable to see Web filtering feature in console.

  • 29 September 2013
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Hi All,
Webrrot is blocking few Web Sites, I cant see any option in Webroot Console to Allow those Sites. When i add those site to Webroot Client, i get notification to add it to some central location i.e Webroot Console

3 replies

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I recently got this answer from support:
"Currently site white listing can only be done locally on the endpoint by placing the endpoint in the Unmanaged policy and adding it in the Web Threat Shield.


If you feel this classification is incorrect you can request changes from the link below:


Actual there is no option to have a whitelist in the console.

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newmy is correct, there is unfortunately no ability to manage the Web Threat Shield. I don't know why.
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With the changes to the Web Threat Shield that will take place in the near future, it's likely that a console-based approach to whitelisting websites will be unnecessary.  If not for these changes being near to completion, this would make for a great feature request.  However, we believe we've found an alternative, so stay tuned.  The new technology will make greater use of our intelligence network and Brightcloud.