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  • 17 August 2015
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Hi folks,
I work for an MSSP, and found one of our clients has several franchise sites with Webroot installed (They are franchise sites and not allowed to install 3rd party agents such as webroot).
Is there an agent uninstall package or command I can throw it via my agent (Kaseya) that will uninstall it in normal boot, without having to go through whatever control panel is used to control it? I have tried to uninstall via Control Panel and command line while in normal boot, but it prompts to contact an administrator. I am able to reboot it into safemode and remove it via command line, but there are 25+ machines and remoting into each of them to do this would be a pain.

7 replies

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Do you have access to the Webroot console? You can send an uninstall command from there.
Sorry, but these sites have set up webroot without authorization or our knowledge, so no access to the console.
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Hm, sounds like a problem - can you work with them to get access or uninstall from the machines you need? I mean there are ways to rip Webroot out on the client if you have admin access, but that sounds like we're just postponing the problem. Especially if they re-install after they see the client missing from the console.
Unfortunately it's several sites distributed across the US. Getting in touch with each one, rebooting into safemode with networking and uninstalling each endpoint would be time consuming to say the least.

Do you guys not have an Suite/Agent_Uninstall.exe or something similar? It would make sense to build one for sysadmins or for problematic endpoints.
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Safe mode with networking is your only option. But I'd really encourage you to resolve this through channels rather than trying to find a technological solution. After all, you wouldn't want someone else in the org removing software you'd installed without consulting with you.
Normally I would agree with you about the channels.

Unfortunately, as these sites are part of a franchise, they typically have a property management company that is aware of the Franchise's IT Policy, but occasionally they will sell the property to a company that isn't aware and I end up in the situation I'm in.

I've spent the last week just doing some maintenance that never gets done, and webroot wasn't the only agent I found. Thanks for your help nic!
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Sounds like a tough situation to be in.
We've considered making a removal tool, but our devs aren't in favor of it.  Such a tool could be incorporated into malware and then used to turn off Webroot before infecting the machine.
Unfortunately you'll have to do safe mode with networking on the machine locally if you want to remove it from the agent side.