Unlabeled Checkbox Setting - SecureAnywhere for Mac OS X

  • 18 February 2015
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Within Advanced Settings > Scan Settings > Scan Options, there are four checkboxes, one of which is not labeled. What does the blank/unlabeled checkbox do? The options listed are:
  • Scan mounted drives
  • Scan for Windows threats[list]
  • Scan only Windows file extensions
  • (No Label)[/list] 

    Link to full-sized screenshot 
    OS/Software Information
    OS X Yosemite
    Version 263
    Web Filtering Version:
    Password Manager Version:
    Backup & Sync Version:

  • 3 replies

    Looks like a bug...
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    Yep confirmed with dev that this is a bug - thanks for letting us know!   You do get the bug finder badge 🙂
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    Further update - looks like this was due to a missing language file.  Try forcing an update and it should pull down the new phrase that is supposed to go next to that checkbox.