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  • 4 October 2013
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I'm using secure anywhere. I use a vmware worstation virtual machine to do office work. The VM uses the default vmware workstation network settings (bridge).  After using the virtual machine for about an hour the vm starts giving me messages about network connection is no longer available.

I am physically connected to the my network via lan cable.  My host pc can access the network fine when then vm starts reporting this error.

I'm not using a vpn or anything.  My fix has been to shutdown the vm, uninstall webroot then restart vm.

Any insights would be appreciated.


5 replies

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What host OS are you using?
What OS in your workstation vm?
What version of vmware workstation are you using?
What type of switch are your Host connected?
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Host OS: Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit
VM OS: Win 8 32 bit
VM WorkStn: v10
Switch Netgear Gibabit GS116
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Currently testing with the webroot firewall disabled.  So far, so good.
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What's the exact text of the error message? The Webroot firewall is outbound only, with inbound protection provided by the Windows firewall. Are you doing anything in particular when the issue occurs? Please let us know how the test concludes. 🙂
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When the firewall is on, there are occasional drops in network connectivity.
Update: Apparently people have been experiencing networking problems between the vmware workstation host and the VM windows 8.x guests. Easy way to know there are problems is to try to copy a file from the host to a share on the windows 8.x guest.  It will go encrediblely slow.
VMWare Fix: Edit the .vmx file (with the VM powered off) and replace all occurrences of "e1000e" with "vmxnet3".  This changes the network adapter type in the guest.  Then restart VM.
I made the change and copies are now lighting fast. So the problem may have nothing to do with WebRoot.  I;ve made the change and will report back if any problems persist. 
Source of fix is here: VMWare Network Slow