VPN vendors aware of webroot (F5 and?)

  • 26 July 2013
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We are planning to change to webroot but our business deals with several VPNs installed on the Laptops of our consultants.
In one of the last Releasenote F5 was listed as a VPN vendor that is now aware of webroot as installed AV on clients, when NAC/NAP is activated on the serverside.
On TechnologyPartnerPage there is cisco, gfi fsecure listed, but no information what technology is the partnership.
is there such a list available?

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2 replies

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Hi newmy,
Specific details about our partnership with F5 can be found in this press release.
There isn't a list available that explains what specific technology from Webroot is in use by our partners at this time, but a good rule of thumb is to check our press release archive to see what we said at the time of the partnership's origin.  The press release should contain the appropriate level of detail we are authorized to provide for any given partner's implementation.  Additional information or references may sometimes be available by working with one someone from our Enterprise sales team.
As for a list of VPN vendors that are aware of Webroot, we suggest using opswat, which will be able to provide you with the list you're looking for.
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Thanks Jim! It was killing me I couldn't remember the name of opswat.