Webroot Endpoint Protection - unblock site for all users

  • 28 March 2023
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We have a small network of ~50 users all on the same webroot account. I am doing some email safety training and one of the tasks included in Microsoft Defender is a phishing simulation. It sends an email to all users, simulating a typical phishing scam. It logs details of all users who click through and share their credentials on the fake site. When I ran a test to my user, it looks like webroot is blocking the site as suspicious. Our current configuration does not provide users with the option to override this. 

Is there a way to unblock this site so that I can continue my test?

For reference, the site it’s directing me to is



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3 replies

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Since this test is meant to simulate phishing I can understand why it is blocked and we can check why here


You can request a reputation score change on that website or you can open a ticket for support here and they can walk you through overriding.

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Well it’s not Blocked (Red) it’s just marked with caution! See here:




Thanks for the response. I have figured out how to unblock the site. I have also reached out to Brightcloud with a suggestion to update the status.