Webroot for MAC

  • 24 July 2013
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So, is Webroot Endpoint security for MAC available yet for business customers/MSP's? I see the suggestion is in progress under feature requests.
Found this : http://www.webroot.com/us/en/home/products/av
There is a download link there for MAC's and it says MAC coverage? Says it has identity shield also. If we install it on a client can we use our regular keycode for endpoint protection to activate it as another endpoint in our management consoles?
Or do we need to buy one offs and add it to our management console?
We have a bunch of MAC users we'd like coverage for, we are an MSP licensed webroot client.

2 replies

Hi Wayne,
Good question, the MAC client is coming and we are hoping to have by end of quarter.  I will keep you posted once I receive an official ETA from the product team.  In the meantime, how many MAC clients do you currently manage?
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Hi, we have around 10 or so currently covered by one of your competitors. Browsing through the posts I see folks managing well over 5x that number on their networks. We are an MSP so we run into it less often, I am actually surprised that this is not available to the business community when it is to the retail buyer, and it's even offered to them with a first of its kind web management interface. :)
Hope to see this option soon!