Webroot for my two dedicated servers

  • 11 August 2013
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I run my small busineses from two dedicated severs. Server 1 is Linux, server 2 is unbuntu and I have several questions I am hoping someone can answer.
1) can webroot be installed on both of these severs?
2) Is this a good thing to do?
3) Can webroot be installed and operated remotely by someone who has very little  knowledge of SSH? 
4) According to Clam Scan there are hundreds of unactivated viruses, trojans, malwre etc etc. on Server 1. Server 2 has no sites on it yet but has 125 domians being readied for the the public and is free of viruses and malware. Can Webroot get rid of the viruses on server 1?
5) How much would it cost to get Webroot and install it on these two servers? 

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Hi Boballoo,
I'm sorry to say that Webroot does not provide a Linux version nor a command-line version of Webroot SecureAnywhere. (Also one of the reasons they don't show up on VirusTotal)
Unless you use a special driver to interpret the Linux operating system and mount the drive directly to Windows it will not be possible to scan the machines. Even then it would only detect Windows and maybe OSX viruses. See Shawn's post below
Other vendors have very mature Linux offerings if you require them. The Microsoft MSERT stand-alone scanner can be run against a mapped drive if you are looking for Windows viruses.
Thank you Explanoit. I truly appreciate your help. Unfortunately/fortunately both my servers are linux based (unbuntu & redhat) but you have saved me some time.
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Boballoo, if having a version of Webroot that runs on Linux appeals to you, I'd suggest putting in a Feature Request so we can track demand and see how many of our users would make use of such a product.  🙂
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On another note, SecureAnywhere will scan linux/unix/Novell shares or mapped drives and will remove threats to help reduce the spread of malware from file servers in a mixed environment. 
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Hi Shawn,
You're right....has the behavior regarding the ability to scan network shares changed since the first release? I was under the impression that was not possible in the past.
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Support did receive a couple reports of different shares not properly being accessed, scanned or cleaned. Those were escalated and resolved. Off the top of my head, NSS and NFS were a couple I saw come across my desk that are now accessible.
If anyone has any shared or mapped drive scanning issues, please contact support.
Thanks all!
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Thanks for correcting me/updating my information Shawn. I appreciate it.