Webroot MSP Report?

  • 8 June 2021
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Hi, Is it possible to have something like a “MSP report“ instead of a report för every Site in Webroot?

It would be much helpful if the reports could report several/all sites with information per Site.

It’s tidious to have 1 report/site and the go throw these 1by1,

Some Summerizes Reports would be very helpful...or maybe im missing something here?

7 replies

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Hello @JonnyArowell,

The Webroot Management Console has a large number of “All sites” reports (see below for a report I generated), but as with everything, the devil is in the detail.  For example, what are you looking for in an all sites report?

We are currently gathering input to build our next gen Universal Reporter that will include an all sites option.  I would love to learn what sorts of reports are needed.


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Hi, and thanks for your reply...And know the Devil will explain :)


I think the report feature is ok but I would like to have the possibility for those sections Im intrested in per Site.

If I want to make a report for “Threat Detection Summary”, I woud like have the possibiity to ALSO have this for every Site in 1 report...Not like now...1 report för every Site. The reports are not so MSP friendly because i cant see sections per Site and that would be useful. 

These reports now are moore for sending to the Customer not using “internally”

It could be formatted like all the Sites/Companies  on one row and the Treats in i column

Site Threat Detection Summary
Company-1  5 of 10
Company-2 9/1000
Site-3 200/235


To take this further...Every Coulumn could be one or moore of the currently choosable report sections,

Ocourse some sections maye is not suiable for this example but it could be a great MSP Report to show important information for all our Sites, fast and easily.

Sitename Threats Attention Required Endpoint Status
Expired Status Managed By Policy
Company1 5/10 2/10 4/10 1/10 10/10
Site2 0/200 4/200 50/200 0/200 199/200



One moore thing in this matter:

When the reports are coming by email it would be great if the Subject could include the “Site name”

Now the Subjekts are like this “Webroot SecureAnywhere Report: All Reports” and in the Message I can see what Site, is involved in the report. It would be much easier if the report Subject could include the Site name. Should also be an easy fix...See example below:


Further one moore thing about the reports.

When I click the link in the email and the report shows up in the browser, there is NO information for what Site the report are reporting on….This is really not ok.


This is a risk for delivering the wrong report to the wrong customer, and there is no way to follow up on the report, for what Site the report are reporting on...If reports are mixed up by a user named it wrongly there is no way to know what Site the report are showing information about.

I cant attach the downloaded pdf-report here nubut it would be safe because its completely anonymous...but the first page on the report would be a good place to have the Site name and / or Customer information. Should also be a easy fix for the report team to fix.


And then we have the filename….

Because the links are only valid for 48-hours they need to be doenloaded and saved BUT the Filename is surely secure by having a “serialnumber” represent the Filenname...instead it could be named as the “Report name ∓ Site name + and even better the report date”, as the default Filename.


Now the Devil has spoken, with hopefully clear examples :)

If I have missunderstood anything about my issues here, I’m very sorry and plz point me to the correct support forum so I can read about having my isuess fixed :)

Regards Jonny Arowell


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Hi @JonnyArowell,

This is absolutely perfect.  Thank you very much for taking the time to give such detailed feedback.  It will definitely help everyone as we build out our reporting in the Console.  



Well one year pass and the lack of client (site) name is not appear

ring in report as @JonnyArowell, told.


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Hello @Joao Henriques,

I have reached out to the Console Product Manager to get back to you regarding your query, however, have you tried the Universal Reporter available within the Webroot Management Console under Reports > API Reporting?

This tool is fully customisable and you can run as many sessions as you would like.  It will give you complete control of which reports go to which one of your customers, fully automatically.



Thanks, in the pass i used but some how i came with an error that i cant understand.

“The Webroot Reporting tool ran on 04/12/2023 18:54:31 with status Failed.

Report generation: Failed

Email Sending: Not Started

The duration of the run is 14 second(s) .”


error log Content


: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:31Z] Log file created
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:32Z] Getting all sites for GSM console B106GSMT8E7253734F91 via Unity ...
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:35Z] Number of sites returned: 73
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:35Z] Processing 2GM (C7EBGSMT37FBA4B4453C) ...
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:35Z] Processing report: Endpoint Standard - 1.3....
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:35Z] Generating reports for the interval 2023-03-01T00:00:00.0000000Z - 2023-03-30T23:59:59.9990000Z.
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:35Z]     Creating endpoint specific Excel file ...
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:35Z]     Adding Unity data to sheets ...
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:36Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:36Z]       Getting threats via Unity ...
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:37Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:38Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:38Z]       Getting blocked URLs via Unity ...
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:39Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:39Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:39Z]       Getting endpoints via Unity ...
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:42Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:43Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:43Z]       Getting endpoint usage via Unity ...  
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:43Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:44Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:44Z]       Getting endpoint usage (by Endpoints) via Unity ...  
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:45Z]        
 :: INFORMATION [2023-04-12 18:54:45Z]     Exporting PDF file ...
 :: ERROR [2023-04-12 18:54:45Z] Exception during Template processing:  You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
 At C:\Users\jpaulo.HBPRO\Documents\Webroot Reporting\Runs\20230412T1754316770509Z\Templates\Endpoint Standard - 1.3\Scripts\template.psm1:553 char:9
+         Export-SheetsToPDF -excelFile $fullNameExcelFile -sheetNames  ...
+         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 :: ERROR [2023-04-12 18:54:45Z] Exception occurred. Exiting processing....   You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
 At C:\Users\jpaulo.HBPRO\Documents\Webroot Reporting\Runs\20230412T1754316770509Z\Templates\Endpoint Standard - 1.3\Scripts\template.psm1:553 char:9
+         Export-SheetsToPDF -excelFile $fullNameExcelFile -sheetNames  ...
+         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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@JonnyArowell @Joao Henriques I’m the PM for the Webroot Management Console.

We are looking at ways we can improve the reporting experience within the console and I was wondering if either of you could spare me some time to have a call to discuss a few things?

Please reach out to me via a private message with your contact details and I will look to set something up.