Webroot Scans Over a Slow Link

  • 22 February 2013
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Hi!  We have a nbr of sites connected to the main company network via wireless broadband links that are often (very) slow/saturated or even down.  There are between 2-40 staff at these sites.
We are concerned that Webroot SecurityAnywhere Endpoint Protection scanning "back to the cloud" is slowing down the WAN at these remote sites even more.  Can you please explain how Webroot works over a slow/down WAN link and also how we can configure it to reduce WAN bandwidth utilisation?

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Webroot SecureAnywhere uses an average of 650KB per day, per computer, for cloud communications, with a general range of 300KB to 1.5MB. Impact to overall bandwidth utilization is very minimal.

You could decrease the polling interval to have the endpoints not check in with the console so often, which would decrease the bandwidth utilization ever so slightly more, but we're already talking about a very low number as it is.

WSA won't send an entire file up to the cloud. Rather it only sends an MD5 hash of any given file, which is a unique identifier. You won't see any significant bandwidth spikes from that kind of activity since an MD5 is just a tiny piece of text that looks like this: 050D1C454A49D4DF8EB5222D352B6630 (this one being the one for a build of Firefox).