Webroot Secure Anywhere Removal on Windows Server 2008 R2

  • 12 April 2017
  • 3 replies

Our client has a server that has webroot secure anywhere installed on it via a centralized managed server. 
The old consultant is no longer working with the clients and has not removed the software from all the machines including this server. I need a manual process to remove all remnants of the product. 
The software does not show up in the add / remove programs option. 

3 replies

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Hey @
You should be able to go into the system's Safe Mode, remove the WRData folder, Webroot folder under Program Files/Programfiles (x86) as well as delete the wrkrn service by using SC Delete command. 
If you are unsure or uneasy about doing that, contact support and they can direct you through some steps.
John H
I'm comfortable with those steps, what about the registry remnants.
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You can search the registry for "Webroot" or "WRData" (without quotes) and delete those entries.
Also under system32/drivers look for and delete the WRkrn.sys and wrUrlFlt.sys drivers.