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  • 18 September 2013
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Ok, just for kicks and giggles (and because it's my BD and I don't feel like working) I downloaded and ran Webroot System Analyzer.
Imagine my surprise when I was reviewing the log file and found this:
System Security
Virus Protection AVG Internet Security 2012 (Enabled, Up to date)
Spyware Protection AVG Internet Security 2012 (Enabled, Up to date)
Considering I uninstalled AVG IS 2012 months ago, and have rebooted numerous times since, and I installed Webroot months ago (immediately before uninstalling AVG) why is this showing?
Webroot shows running in active processes.
Any ideas?

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3 replies

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I have one idea.  AVG is known to fail to remove its Windows Security Center entries sometimes when you uninstall it.  I'd suspect WSC is still reading it as there, which is why Webroot would be reading it as still there.
You might just need to reset your repository.
Help on resetting the repository was provided in this older topic.
A quick Google search on "avg windows security center entry" brings up quite a few sites talking about how AVG has issues in this respect.
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Jim, that worked,
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Awesome! I'm glad we could help. 🙂