Website blocked using Firefox but not IE

  • 16 July 2013
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I have one user trying to reach using Firefox (v22.0), their preferred browser but the site is blocked by Secure Anywhere (v8.0.2.155).  Using IE 8 is OK (Windows XP SP3) 
Windows 7 users are not blocked when using Firefox.  What might I be looking for to allow XP users access to the site or do they just have to use IE?

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4 replies

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That looks like it was an FP we just corrected.  🙂
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Just happened to one of our clients as well. Exact same thing, works in IE but not FF, blocked by Webroot.
How does the fix get pushed out? Automatically? Do we need to do something?
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Hi Wayne,

It should be pushed out by now but in future you can speed up polling of our malware definition changes to your machine by issuing a 'Scan' Agent Command to the Endpoint from the console or by simply scanning from the client.
Yes, this seems to have been pushed out, the site works now.  Thanks.