Website marked as malicious but warning only flashes on screen!

  • 20 January 2014
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Windows 7 Pro, WebRoot Endpoint (
When I first visited this website and tried to download their software, I could tell that WebRoot  flashed (very briefly) something in the top-left corner of the screen and then the site's download page reappeared and no download was performed.
What I did:
  • Since I couldn't tell what WebRoot was trying to say to me... I tried the download again...
  • This time the firefox window went blank and the WebRoot Warning popup appeared in the upper left corner of the browser window.
  • Choosing CLOSE of course left me without the download, which I suppose is the correct thing until their site is declared clean.
  • By the way, attempts to start other programs, open the start menu, use any context menus were blocked... the context menus would flash up briefly and then disappear.  But the links within the browser page still worked!
  • By closing the browser and returning to the website, I was able to perform the download without any warnings (note... I did NOT ALLOW the website on the Windows 7 machine).
Having already started this same process on a different machine (running Vista) I saw the same flash and no download, but when I tried the download again, it proceeded quite nicely.
Checking other posts along this same vein, I tried to see IF I had mistakenly said ALLOW on the vista machine... but I can't find anywhere to see a list of allowed sites, or of course how to edit them.
WebRoot needs to SHOW the warning and WAIT for a response, and block any attempt to use the website links until an answer is given.  I also need to be able to see and edit the sites given an override.
Of course, now I have to decide whether or not to use the downloaded program!

1 reply

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Due to the potential of this being a malicious page, we need to continue troubleshooting this via the secure support system. Please Open a Support Ticket so that we can investigate further.