What does System Cleaner do exactly?

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We've just deployed and purchased WRSA Endpoint for Business, and I just wanted to confirm what exactly System Cleaner and Clean up options in the Management Console do please?
Do they clear caches? In all user profiles on the system?
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System Cleaner clears temp files, caches and IE cookies. When you are dealing with infected computers, it is essential you clear these resources out as this is where malware hides and reinfects your computer. I only wish Webroot would take it a step further and clear cache/cookies/temp for chrome and firefox. Then I would have no need for ccleaner.
I am not sure if it cleans one or all profiles. My guess would say only the one that is logged in.
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Hello @,
To elaborate on what @ said, it will only clean the user account that is logged in.
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For years I have used Scripts that  I run via GPOs on our network to deal with this.  Not as easy for those with laptops in the field regularly though... I will look into this.
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A word of caution for those planning on enabling System Cleaner....
Once enabled on the console, it will automatically wipe the Microsoft Office Recently Opened List on every office application.  There is no way to stop this from happening from the console either.  The solution to stop this behaviour is to make every endpoint "unmanaged" and then open the client gui and untick the option to wipe the MS Office recent documents list.
I've submitted a feature request to update the policies on the console to include all options available on the client for this to not be an issue in the future.
If you want to get this fixed, i think it will need some Kudos.