What's Your Favorite Tech Acronym?

  • 27 February 2013
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With the recent rebranding of Webroot Web Security Service (WWSS) to Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service (WSAWSS), it got me thinking about tech acronyms in general.  What's your favorite?  Which ones do you think are the worst?
How's BASIC for a good one?  This old-school programming language stands for "Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instructions Code."  Everybody can remember BASIC, but try remembering what it stands for.  Good acronym!
On the other side, I'll nominate SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) as being a less than pleasant sounding one.  Skuzzy - that says it all.  There are more where that came from.  What are some of your favorites and least favorites?

5 replies

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I like WYSIWYG as an acronym; having done some study around web design and html coding.
My favourite as a support technician is PEBCAK - not really tech related but explains so many problems.
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PEBKAC is still probably my all time favorite I'd say.
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Agreed PEBKAC, since most issues are cause in my experience by a defective keyboard actuator.
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ID 10t errors are always fun usually preceeded by a PEBKAC.
I always liked SCSI and MOBO.
UPS, PUP, PSU, FRU, BSOD (of course), USB, DMZ, HAL...maybe not?
TWAIN driver
Technology Without An Important Name.
Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.