Who else is using EMET? If not, why?

  • 12 October 2013
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Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is a shim you can apply to executables on your system to help stop them from being used to attack the system if vulnerabilities are discovered. For example, if you have EMET applied to Java it has notably been able to prevent several zero-day attacks from working. This is what it's intended for.
If you don't use it, I highly encourage you to check it out. We've used it for years.
"The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is a utility that helps prevent vulnerabilities in software from being successfully exploited. EMET achieves this goal by using security mitigation technologies. These technologies function as special protections and obstacles that an exploit author must defeat to exploit software vulnerabilities. These security mitigation technologies do not guarantee that vulnerabilities cannot be exploited. However, they work to make exploitation as difficult as possible to perform.

The new EMET 4.0 also provides a configurable SSL/TLS certificate pinning feature that is called Certificate Trust. This feature is intended to detect man-in-the-middle attacks that are leveraging the public key infrastructure (PKI). "

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Hello comunity mate i ser nobody answer you i like to hace a most Security layered suite and on webroot team they anounce dont hace incompatibilities whith all Security software and that was partially true but not ever i see some Security soft like avsst have to stay on default seetings to run alongside webroot, qihoo and webroot combo crash machines and avira too but the Point are emet
Emet are a inestable to me puts too many restrictions and that restrictions dont get rid to uninstall some software dont runs its terryble for me use emet and webroot my Windows appesrs cover like am armor but dont let me work Or get put Or bresth

i use cómodo firewall
malwarebytes free
and win patro
i desactivate all cómodo hips and behavior shield features and runs well alongsise that other programs
i see too many users use bodoo shield something like emet but less intrusive when i install emet and uninstall i see i can not download files i reinstall and i can i uninstall whith revo and check all my system for xorruption its can be a way to formar dont use emet