Windows 2012 weirdness

  • 29 June 2013
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Ok, just deployed 2 new servers, Windows 2012 core, GUI currently in use as we deploy. Build the servers, patch the servers (all 900mb worth of WIndows updates), do all the standard stuff, activate, initialize disks etc etc. Install Webroot, disable Windows firewall, in one instance I DCPromo'd the box on the build bench as it was a new domain and network, in the second instance I dcpromo'd the box after it was plugged into an existing domain.
In both cases I then shut the boxes off after running them for a couple days, boxed them up, and onsite installs were done shortly thereafter (maximum 5 days offline). On one server nothing is running but the server OS, AD, DNS, webroot, logmein, PRTG server monitor probe, and HP tools and ILO. On the second server, same thing but it was joined to an existing domain then dcpromo'd so the AD has users, machines, and some other domain stuff in AD. Nothing else is running
Both times after having been back online for a day or so a second instance of webroot has appeared in my console. One server was deployed yesterday, and appeared as a duplicate today, the other happened June 24/25th.
Here's the last seen info: 
Server 1
instance 1 - last seen Jun 24 10:06
Instance 2 - last seen Jun 25 16:09
Server 2
Instance 1 - last seen Jun 27 22:14
Instance 2 - last seen Jun 28 10:06
Any ideas what might be happening here?

5 replies

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Hi Wayne,
After checking with a few folks over here, it sounds like we're not able to reproduce this on any other machines.
Can you please submit your case here so our team can look into your case individually? It may help once we can gather more information with you directly. 
Thank you!
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Great! I'll make sure someone hops on it quickly. 🙂
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Wayne, I just wanted to follow up to make sure you're all set. It looks like this was a case of a duplicate appearing the console. it looks like support advised you to use the "Deactivate" command on the old instance. I'd assume that solved the problem, but I just wanted to check to make sure.
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Hello Jacksun,
The next build being released has an enhancement that should correct the issues you are reporting.

Just to be sure, is it the Device MID, Instance MID, or both that are changing when a duplicate entry appears?
Note: to show these options in Group Management, hover your mouse over a column heading and click the drop down arrow. Then go to columns and check the boxes for device and instance MID.

Thank you,