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  • 12 December 2012
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hi I have installed webroot on a windows 8 pc and now cannot access the internet

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Hi rafik42,

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First, please check to see if any threats were detected on the endpoint.  If so, it's best to go through support for threat-related issues since they are better equipped to handle them.

If nothing new is in quarantine, and assuming this is a Webroot issue, we are probably dealing with an improper Identity Shield setting.  Could you try putting that endpoint into unmanaged mode, switching off the Identity Shield, and seeing if you can get online?  If you can get online, that would likely point towards either something set to Deny or a Protect status that could be involved.  If you go into Protected Applications in the Identity Shield, you might see something set to Deny that you can recognize should not be there which you can switch back to Protect or Allow.
Here is a description of what those settings mean:
“Protected applications” are secured against information-stealing malware, but also have full access to data on the system. By default, web browsers are assigned to the “protected” status. If desired, you might also want to add other software applications to “protected,” such as financial management software.
“Allowed applications” are not secured against information-stealing malware, and also have full access to protected data on the system. Many applications unintentionally access protected screen contents or keyboard data without malicious intent when running in the background. If you trust an application that is currently marked as “Deny,” you can change it to “Allow.”
“Denied applications” cannot view or capture protected data on the system, but can otherwise run normally.

If switching off the Identity Shield didn't help, the next step would be to temporarily shut down Webroot to see if you can get online at that point.  If not, it doesn't sound like Webroot is involved.  However, if that lets you online, we would need logs to take a closer look, and your best option for that is going through support.
Many Thanks Jim.

The main issue I have is that, as there is no internet connection the software on my computer is unable to communicate with the server and therefore I cannot make the endpoint into unmanaged mode.

Any way round this?
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Safe Mode will default Webroot into unmanaged mode. Please give that a try.