• 8 December 2013
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I was excited to run across HKLMSoftwareWRDataJournal
 When was that introduced?
You've been pretty opaque about the registry key structures you've been adding on for RMM integration...
Some of us can code our own solutions as well, don't be hiding the juicy stuff 😞

4 replies

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Hello Explanoit!
Yes you have found the additonal reg keys we are implementing for "Product Status" primarily for the use and integration with RMMs. Many of these can easily be used to write your own monitoring and we have no problem with that at all!
I have a current list of these keys but it is subject to change at any moment. I have asked for verification as to whether or not I can share that list yet or if I should wait until....
Once I have word back, I will update this thread.
Thanks Explanoit, happy scripting!
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Thanks Shawn ;)
I thinking of building something embarassingly basic for our techs to get an idea of all the "funny stuff" that WSA has seen on a machine. Might be helpful in some situations. Probably going to force myself to build it in PowerShell.
All the new RMM keys are very much appreciated. Documentation about some of them would be very much apprecaited for the advanced administrator.
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Many of these keys are still subject to change as we continue working on integrations with certain RMMs. Once these are a bit more concrete, I will be happy to share and assist.
Thanks all!
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Hi Shawn,
Is Journal supposed to be fully working yet? Does it only update once a reboot or something? The keys in it are not reflecting reality