XP Service Pack 3 problem

  • 19 March 2013
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Are you aware of any issues with service pack 3 for xp? WSA seems to block this update. After disabling WSA it installs without problems.

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6 replies

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How is it blocking the update?
Are you using Windows Update or do you have it downloaded and are you running it from the machine directly?
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It allows it to execute and that's all. System gets frozen.
I thought that you cannot instal SP3 through Windows Update. I run it as a separate file.
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I must be confused with something else then.
To be honest, never been in this situation as XP versions other then those with Service Pack 3 installed have been out of support for years.
I'll see if I can track down a XP CD with Service Pack 2 and try this out.
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I did a search of our support system and haven't found any reported problems related to the upgrade.  If you want us to look into it, we should open a ticket and see what logs we can get from that PC.
 Oddly, I have a machine at home that needs SP3.  I might give it a whirl and see if WSA interferes.  Wish me luck!
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Sorry, all the CD's I could find have the SP3 included.
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Thanks for the help guys. I don't have an access to that machina anymore so not much I can do right now. Shame that the mystery remains unsolved:)