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  • 9 July 2012
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I have one XP machine left, fully patched. It had WSAEP deployed to it with Group Policy. Ever since, it's been freezing hard after a random number of minutes. No mouse, no keyboard. I tried starting a scan on C: from the context menu then left the machine alone, it froze up soon after.
Another strange thing: The machine has a Run entry in the registry, WRSA.exe -ul. But there is also an entry in Services, WRSVC, which points to WRSA.exe -service. The service is disabled, and I can't enable it. If I try I get a modal dialog that says "0x13d." On my Windows 7 machines this service is Automatic and started.
I'm looking for tips on what to try.
I uninstalled WSAEP from the XP box and forced a group policy update. After a reinstall the service is running. However I'm still getting the complete hang. The box has passed a full suite of Dell memory and system diagnostics.

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Hi Eldan,

I opened a support case for you in the support system and requested some logs from that particular device. Hopefully the log information will present evidence as to a cause for the crashes. Please reply back with the logs when you get a chance, and I'll take a look for you.

Usually a hard crash like that where it doesn't even make it to a blue screen is going to be indicative of a hardware issue. I wonder if you've done a check specifically on the hard drive yet? The memory and the Windows operating system might both be in fine operating condition, but it could still be other hardware causing the problem.

In any case, I'll be happy to look at the logs to see what can be determined.
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I am following up with the support case. I'll come back and post an update here if the problem is resolved.
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Just to follow up, this was a problem with my machine and not with WSA. Tech support was very patient with me ;-)
I found a slightly more recent (2006!) driver for my Adaptec RAID controller and since then have had zero issues.