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  • 3 February 2018
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If anyone can help me regain access to my desktop. 
I blocked a process and didn’t realize it was a needed process required to boot up my computer.  I’m able to turn my Mac on , enter my user password, then it’s stuck at the middle of the loading bar “status” and I can’t get to my desktop.   
How is can I unblock or resolve my idiotic actions and regain control without being able to open we root on in my desktop the “classic” way. 

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4 replies

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Hi GuyLincoln
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I think that this is one for our resident Mac experts, @ or @. Hopefully one of them will be online shortly and will see if they can help.
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello and welcome to the Webroot Forum,
Sorry to hear you are having issues. I'm not at my Mac right now but can you boot into Safe Mode and unblock the process in Webroot? 
1. Restart the Mac and hold down the Shift key after you hear the start up Tone.
2.Release the shift key when the Apple Logo appears. Safe Mode appears on the Mac.
EDITED: If you need help you can Submit a Support Ticket and they can assist you. This is a free service with your Webroot subscription.
Thank you for your response.  I did attempt safe mode but even then I’m not sure why, it won’t fully load my user profile.  
I may may submit a ticket soon, if only we can see the interface online, that we see on our actual desktops 
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Hello GuyLincoln, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum.
Sorry to hear you're having trouble starting your Mac computer. If that's the only computer you have and are unable to send a Support Ticket, you can always Contact Webroot Support during business hours. They will help you out step by step on getting that Mac back online and working properly. 😉