Can I scan a single file with WebRoot on a Macintosh? Or is this feature gone?

  • 3 May 2023
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According to Webroot docs (which look quite old:,displays%2C%20select%20Scan%20With%20Webroot  I can right or ctrl-click a file and select Scan With Webroot. However, on my M2 Mac running latest Ventura, this feature does not seem to be available?  I have searched all over for how I might turn this back on  or enable it without success.

Does anyone know if this is this still possible, or has this feature disappeared on new Macs and newer MacOS versions? 


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4 replies

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Hi @MajorHavoc I’m not sure but all I can say is the online Guides have not been updated for along time but here is a new Web Page: and I didn’t know and haven’t had time to look through them at this time. Maybe @ChadL can give some insight here.



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We still have the Context Menu in Windows to Scan one or more files.



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Just to add to this, I've just checked my M2 Mac laptop running macOS Monterey 12.6.5 and I don’t have this contextual menu option either so it’s been missing a while (or it’s an apple silicon or just M2 thing)...

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Hey all, 

This is a feature that broke in the Mojave → Catalina changes of the OS. We haven’t prioritized bringing it back because the Real TimeShield will prevent any malware from running, and scheduled scans can pick up the file. We can certainly have the conversation again with the team to see its priority but right now we’re focused on things like the MRT system with apple, signing authority checks, and enhancing our detectors to support more robust detection methods. Simply put, context menu scans provided very little benefit for most consumers so we didn’t focus on resolving it. If there is more of a want for them, then we can refocus on bringing them in.

As for the public documentation I can make a note to our team that controls the documentation to update it when they are able to.