Current status of a MacOS Mojave/Catalina/Big Sur compatible version?

  • 23 March 2021
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Pretty clear up top, but we’re seeing a lot of customers with Webroot (we sell/support) on Mojave and higher having the same ongoing/reoccuring issues:

  • False positives
  • Scans forever
  • Constant “component installer failure” after startup
  • System Analyzer component crashes (Big Sur) when run as a secondary applet via LMI connection
  • And a general Compatibility update for M1 platform would be nice

IDK what our Inter-Company IT has tool wise, nor what interactions they’ve had with WR itself, but from a Front Line standpoint, it’s too common at this point. Even on my own device testing, I run into the same types of issues. It seems like there are More issues as you go from older to newer OS. Even after messing around with permissions and such. I’ve seen links for different versions and it would be good to know if we need to be advising certain versions based on the OS or if there are any different steps (from the listed installation process) that may need to be used.


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Hello @nkester1979 


Not sure about Mojave but this newest installer is for Catalina and Big Sur only so give that a try on those two OS’s:




If you want more help it’s always best to Submit a Support Ticket or call support and talk to them directly because they would have much more info then we get or what is posted on the Community. Call 1-866-612-4227