[Mac] Can't clear threat alert

  • 23 July 2020
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System info:

MBP 2012

SSD: Mojave/Catalina/Win10

HDD: TimeMachineM/TimeMachineC/SharedData (NTFS)

Webroot installed on all OS’ (Is necessary?)

Configured WR to ignore a known clean game folder (I believe)



Ever since building this device configuration, the Catalina instance of WR has been reporting infection and continuously scanning, but never clears the infection status. I believe I managed to wait long enough once, but even after having it ignore the files it was reporting, it wouldn’t let go of the behavior. I “believe” I’ve already tried reinstalling WR, but no change in behavior on this install. I think there’s a settings file somewhere that is keeping the threat list active and needs purging. Hopefully that was clear enough as none of the other OS’ have an issue.


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Hello @nkester1979 


It’s best to Submit a Support Ticket and they will sort it out with you.


Would it be this issue?


Note: When submitting a Support Ticket, Please wait for a response from Support. Putting in another Support Ticket on this problem before Support responses will put your first Support Ticket at the end of the queue and support can take up to 48 hours to reply.



Unfortunately, this is not what’s going on. I've confirmed that WR should be ignoring every partition/drive except the active OS partition, but it still shows as if there is an infection. I'll have to let the scan run again to see what it thinks is an infection as I think I've cleared the app's results from before in an attempt to reset the scanning.

I’ll look into the support ticket depending on the results.

Would it be this issue?