Questions for Webroot Management - WSA for macOS Catalina

  • 15 October 2019
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You failed to notify your customers about a known compatibility issue with Catalina in a timely manner. As a direct result, many of us upgraded our macOS, and are now without Webroot protection. 


Q1) How do you plan to address this issue with your impacted customers? For example, are you, at an absolute minimum, planning to extend our current subscriptions to compensate for ‘lost’ days? Or, do you have other plans for mitigating the negative impact this failure will undoubtedly have have on customer ‘satisfaction/retention’? 


It has been approximately a week since Catalina became available, and some of your customers upgraded. Since I do not want to use my computer without some type of ‘protection’, this means that it has been approximately a week without my home computer, except for periodically checking this ‘board/community’ for updates. 


I have been patiently waiting for Webroot to resolve this issue. Notwithstanding, my patience has limits, driven by practicality. In other words, I need my computer back. Q2) Do you have any status updates that you can share?  Specifically, do you have an expected resolution date? 


Your response to Q2 will determine whether it is possible for me to ‘wait’ for you to resolve the issue. Q3) If it is not feasible for me to ‘wait’ for you because of your timing, are you offering prorated refunds on our current subscriptions?

8 replies

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Hello @BurnedByCatalina Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :relaxed:

As for not being notified in a timely manner about Webroot not being compatible with macOS Catalina, I’ll ping our Forum Manager on that question. @freydrew 

When will Webroot be compatable with macOS Catalina? Please see this thread and subscribe to it at the bottom of the post for immediate updates:




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Good Morning @ProTruckDriver. Thanks for the warm welcome, and your response. An additional thank you for the ‘time/effort’ you invest in your “moderator” duties.


I appreciate you “pinging” the forum manager. Notwithstanding, the notification failure is not really debatable. See “Product Update: WSA for macOS Catalina”. (Sorry, I could not copy the link.) A Webroot employee, PVaddi, posted about the incompatibility approximately a week before Catalina became available. In other words, Webroot knew about the issue prior to the release. Unfortunately, they failed to notify their customers. Note - posting about the issue on a forum that people normally visit AFTER experiencing a problem is not proper notification.  


As to the estimated resolution timing, I have seen the linked thread from 10/10/19. It says that Webroot is “working tirelessly to fix this issue”, and will advise upon completion. Unfortunately, this does not answer my question. I need an E.T.A. to determine whether I can wait for Webroot, or need to switch to a competitive product. 


Again, my thanks for your response. 


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Hi @BurnedByCatalina ,

I hear you and don’t have all of the answers at the moment but @PVaddi updated her article here specifically around timing. 



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Drew @freydrew 


Thank you for the link to the update from PVaddi. I appreciate it.


I am one of the customers that upgraded to Catalina before Webroot sent out their incompatibility notification. This means that I am currently without any threat protection beyond what Apple provides. As a consequence, I have essentially stopped using my computer over attack concerns.  


Unfortunately, I cannot be without my computer for another month. This means that I will have to switch to a competitive product. 


I will call ‘tech support’ in the morning to review uninstall instructions, and to request a refund on the balance of my current subscription. 


Best of luck to you, Webroot, and the remaining customer base.  

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BurnedbyCatalina said it much better than I could:  “I am one of the customers that upgraded to Catalina before Webroot sent out their incompatibility notification. This means that I am currently without any threat protection beyond what Apple provides.” 

When did Webroot send out incompatibility notification?  To date, no warning reached me.  Anyone who takes their protection seriously would be upset.  This is what I posted previously:

I understand it takes time to do the great work that you ONLY complaint: I would have waited to update my Mac to Catalina if The Webroot Community Dispatch--or ANY form of heads up from Webroot had informed me of these issues in time.  I feel let down by the product I had such faith in.  

Tonight, the Webroot app is asking to control my computer by using accessibility features--something I would normally give the go-ahead for but since WSA is not currently working, who knows what to do now?!  Not knowing the answer, no choice but to deny for now!

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When did Webroot send out incompatibility notification?  To date, no warning reached me.”  


I was told by a Webroot employee that they sent an incompatibility ‘warning/notice’ a few days after the release of Catalina. This warning was reportedly sent through the Webroot interface; in other words, Webroot needed to be ‘working’ for you to receive the message. Unfortunately, any customer that had already upgraded to Catalina, and consequently ‘lost’ their Webroot, would not have received this notice.  

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Thanks again BBC for the most direct info!  So that was my fair warning...a notice within a broken app?!  I take computer security seriously and expect Webroot to do the same.  Who protects my computer till mid-November? And how do I replace it if something happens?

Advance notice from WSA--an alert via customer emails would have saved all this. 

I’m asking Webroot to set up this system--so this never happens again.

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Webroot Product update for Mac OS Catalina was release last week( wk of 11/10/19).

Unfortunately it is still not working.   My scan ran for 50 plus hours with

no end in sight.  I finally had to cancel the scan to get it to stop.  Even pushed out the date of next run 

but that didn't help either.  When will Webroot have this problem fixed?   I am not 

able to use this virus protection.