Status of Webroot macOS Compatibly Fix Issue

  • 14 October 2019
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Hi Webroot. Do you have an estimated date yet when the Webroot/macOS Catalina comparability issue will be resolved? Also once it is resolved how will you advise your customers that the update/fix is ready (and advise how to correct the problem)? Thanks!

6 replies

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Hello @Chief Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. ☺️

I don't believe Webroot has an estimated date yet. The way Apple set up Catalina many, many apps are not working right. The best I can say is to Subscribe to this thread below and all of us will be notified of the updates.

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Webroot is the only Mac security software not working. Epic fail.

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The only non-32-bit software that that I use and that has not been upgraded and notarized, AFAICT, is WebRoot. There are probably others out there, but I don’t use them. I received a message from ExactScan Pro yesterday letting OSX 10.15 Catalina users know that they should upgrade to the latest version.


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Webroot is the only Mac security software not working. Epic fail.

Not true. Looking at the security forums there are a lot of security software companies having problems with macOS Catalina.

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Hey @Chief , 

I wanted to share the latest update from @PVaddi. Just to make sure you see it. 


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Coming back around to close the loop on this. Check out this article where we provide step by step instructions.