Weboot software "threatscan" has been scanning for 3 days..?

Do I need to un/Reinstall? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Im a complete noob when it comes to Computer antivirus software so its probably an easy fix/readily available information that I was simply too dull to find. Thanks in advance!


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Hello @Neeks8814 


The issues you are seeing is it on Windows, Mac or Android Devices as we need this info to better help you so more details please.



Sorry, for leaving out important details lol, Its on a Mac. The software actually came with my Mac M1 I bought from best buy as part of a promotional deal!

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Hello @Neeks8814 


Please do another clean reinstall of Webroot with this version:


I don’t know if any of these will help but can you tell us the OS version? Catalina or Big Sur?


Let us know how it goes!



I will try this, thank you very much!!