What is WSDaemon and why does it need Full Disk Access?

  • 26 December 2021
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This is on WSA-Complete, iMac 2017, OS Monterey 12.1.  

A WSA tech installed WSDaemon (the name itself makes me nervous) when I had a problem when using OS 11(.5, I think).  (The problem was: on startup, “out of the blue” - after a long time with no issues - WSA surprisingly needed my Key, once given it it could not begin a Complete Scan.)  The tech needed complete access to my computer on-line (a requirement itself that makes me very very nervous); he installed this “demon app” with Full Access, and it did solve the problem at the time.

After a few days, I was troubled enough with this app that I stopped its Full Disk Access to see what would happen.  Stopping it made no difference: WSA scanned fully without “Full Disk Access” - no problems, for several weeks, still with OS 11(.5, I think).

Then, this Need-for-Key--Key accepted, followed by Failure-to-begin-FullScan issue returned.  I decided to try an update to OS 12 to see if WSA could run by itself (without Full Disk Access for WSDaemon) using this new System.  OS 12.1 was installed, WSA accepted it and ran perfectly well for some weeks - all without giving WSDaemon “Full Access”.

Now, this AM, it’s back: the Need-forKey--Then--Failure-to-begin-FullScan issue returned with OS 12.1.

This is really a nuisance.  What is the problem, what is WSDaemon, why does it need Full Access?  Is WSDaemon like a benign ever-needed “booster shot” for WSA?  Why isn’t its function incorporated into WSA “I.S. Complete” in the first place?


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Hello @fidelis 


See here:


And here from Apple:


This one as well:


If you continue to have issues please Submit a Support Ticket and they will help you!



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I’m sorry, but these references do not address my questions - which ultimately boil down to this:  Why isn’t there a Webroot app/update that I can download, that works on my computer, and that does not need a tech person to have full access to my personal computer, rip around inside with tweaks and modifications, and then my problem is solved?  Why is there a problem in the first place?  Why doesn’t the WSA work as is?  

And if WSA is not programmed to work with my computer after my computer is updated by Apple, why doesn’t Webroot write an app that does work and upload it as an updated version?  I do not understand (or appreciate) the philosophy of fixing the problem one computer at a time with individual tweaks involving individual full-access probes into private computers.

I was hoping to read an explanation that justifies the philosophy with a technical reason.

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@fidelis  I’m sorry but only support can answer those questions so ask them please.