Account login not working on mobile app

  • 2 July 2015
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My account on my iphone wont let me login. Everytime i try to login on the mobile app it says login failed and i know that the login is right 

1 reply

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Hello @,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Are you trying to log into the password manager? What happens when you try to login - if you can give us the exact error message that would be helpful.
Are you able to log into the online console using the same password you're trying to use on the iPhone? 
Mobile devices sometimes have a tendency to want to capitalize the first letter of whatever you're typing, so that is something to consider.  If the first letter of your password isn't a capital letter, make sure it isn't trying to capitalize it for you.
Sometimes a password reset will take care of this issue, so please try that as well.
If you continue to have issues with signing into your account then please submit a Support Ticket free of charge with an active subscription and they will gladly help you resolve this.
Hope this helps,
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