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  • 26 March 2012
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I already have webroot essentials for my computers, and the free webroot app for my apple mobile devices. Question: what is the advantage of purchasing the Webroot SecureAnywhere upgrade? I have read and read, and I can not find where the purchased upgrade, offer any advantage over the free App. I can see that the upgrade offers alot more for other mobile devices, but not for the iOS devices. I called Webroot sales, the first salesperson, assured me that I dont need the upgrade and that the free App, is all I need. I called a second time, and the saleslady insisted that I need it.. when I point to her that a previous salesperson, had assured me that my app devices only needed the free app... she was quite annoyed and put me on hold for long long time, never got back and got disconnected.... so do I need the upgrade or the free app is all I need?

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Currently all we have available for the Apple iOS devices is the SecureWeb, which is a free application that replaces the Apple Safari web browser to protect you when you are surfing the web on your device. Currently this is all we have for Apple products at this time, we do have software in the works but there is no time line when that will be released yet. If you have an Android device we do have different options available to you, we have a free version of our software, a paid version and a complete version in the case that you have our complete package for the pc.
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Hello Duke and welcome to the Webroot Community!
Thanks for your post! I believe there are two issues at hand here.
If I understand correctly, you are still on Webroot Internet Security Essentials (for your computers). Is this right? If you are not sure how to tell, you can simply look at the Webroot icon on your computer. If the icon is purple with a green keyhole, that means you are on our 2011 software. If the icon is green with a black "W", you are on our newest software.
Regarding the apps, there are two Webroot apps for iOS; SecureWeb and SecureSync. I'll explain the difference between the two, but to better understand your question, can you start by telling me what version of the Webroot software you have for your computers?
Thank You!
thank you for your prompt response. I have the newest version in my computer...the essentials pkg.
I have the latest upgrade....try to be on top of things and always check for upgrades and updates.... it is the green circle w/black w..
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Hi Duke,
You are very welcome! Thanks for checking and confirming that you are using our newest software. This makes the answer to your app question somewhat easier to explain.
In terms of the actual Webroot Secure Anywhere software, the difference between the Essentials version (the one you are on) and the Complete version is that the complete version includes everything the Essentials comes with as well as a password management feature, mobile protection (for Android), and file and password sync with mobile devices. On top of that, the Complete package comes with 10GB included online storage, whereas Essentials comes with 2GB. For a full comparison, you can check out our website's product page.
When it comes to mobile, it is a bit trickier. As I mentioned above, only the Complete version of the software comes with mobile protection. However, this only pertains to Android users (sort of). This is because there are three different Webroot apps for Android; a free app, a premier app (paid), and a complete app (free if you have Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete). The premier and complete app are identical in terms of protection (both have more features than the free app), but the premier app is what you would have to download and pay for if you wanted added protection and were not on the Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete.
Things are not the same when it comes to Apple devices, however. This is because both of the Webroot apps for iOS, SecureWeb and SecureSync are free in the Apple App store. SecureWeb is a safe web browser that works pretty much the same as Safari with the added protection against malware and phishing sites. ANYBODY who has an Iphone, Ipad, or Itouch can download and use Webroot SecureWeb from the App Store. SecureSync is designed to cohesively work with your Webroot SecureAnywhere portal account (if you haven't made one yet, click here to create an account) by giving you access to your documents, music, and pictures already synced to that account. While this app is also free to download, it wouldn't make sense for someone who doesn't have Webroot SecureAnywhere on their computer to download it as you need to use your portal credentials to login to SecureWeb. That being said, however, if you only have the Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus, this app is also useless as the Antivirus version of the software doesn't come with the backup and sync feature. So you could still login using your portal account, but the page would be blank and you wouldn't be able to use the app. So this leaves Essentials and Complete as the only versions compatible with this app.
As an Essentials user, you will be able to use the Securely app with no problems (to make a long story short). There is also a page on the community that explains both iOS apps in more detail and also has a setup tutorial video you can check out!
Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.
thanks again.... your answer was not only quite prompt but also quite clear.  Ido appreciate it very much
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You're welcome...Glad I could help! Oh and one slight edit: I meant to say you need your portal account information to login to SecureSync, not SecureWeb!