Are iTunes necessary for installing Webroot SecureAnyWhere into iPhone(6.0)

  • 28 November 2012
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Hi Folks,
I have installed Webroot SecureSync and Secure Web into my iPhone fine but When I tried to open anyone among them there was a pop up enable and asking credentials how can I give that.
and is reallly iTunes necessary for installing Webroot SecureAnyWhere into iPhone(6.0). if yes How?
Could you please anyone help me out in this.

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5 replies

Hi Frds,
After installed successfully it was asking credentials of Webroot SecureAnyWhere Complete Account . How can I get this credentials and moving forward ....
Actually I had my credentials and given there (username&password) eventhough getting irritaed error again & again.
But When I opened Webroot SecureAnyWhere in my iPhone using the same credentials whichever I had working fine.
Why this problem occured when I am trying to give it there.
please explain in detail abt this...
Can anyone tell me
Hi frds,
I have installed Secure Web and Backup&Sync into iPhone then when I tryed to open those asking me to enter credentials.
so where can I get this credentials ? Am I taking any licence for this. Actually first I am trying to use trail product so I dont have any interest to take licence without use trail.
Where I need to Sign up and get those credentials?
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Hi Satya,
Welcome to the Webroot Community forums! I combined your three posts into one thread because they are all related and I'd like to answer all your questions at once!
1. Do you have a Webroot SecureAnywhere subscription for your PC's/Macs? If so, is it Antivirus, Internet Security Plus, or Complete? In any case, if you do, can you please Private Message Me the email address and/or keycode associated with your subscription so I can reference it in our system (the email address you used to sign up here on the forums isn't brining up any results).
2. The credentials the iOS apps are asking for are the same credentials you use to log in to your "My Webroot" account. If you have not yet created this account, please do so by following the above link and then clicking on "Sign Up Now" and following the prompts to create the account.
3. No, you don't need iTunes to install our iOS apps. You said that you had already installed the SecureWeb and Backup and Sync apps so you already have both of our apps on your iPhone. To your other point, there is no Webroot SecureAnywhere Android equivalent app for iOS and the two apps you have already downloaded are the only two apps we currently offer for iOS.
As soon as I have your keycode, I can reference it on our end and continue to assist you!
How Can I get Keycode, I didnt get exactly can you please explain in detail...
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*Update: Proceeded to look at the issue via PM after customer sent me his credentials. Replied back on 11/29 requesting more information regarding which issues, specifically, the customer was having. Customer never responded back. Referenced his accounts again using the info he provided and it looks like all of his former keycodes have been expired since December 2012. Marking this as solved for the time being. Nov2012-if you have any more issues or need us to revisit any previous issues, just respond back in this thread. I'd be happy to continue to assist you.*