Backup & Sync App Crashes

  • 26 February 2017
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When I try to log into the backup & sync app on my iphone it crashes.  It just goes back to the main screen on my phone.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 replies

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Hi sbranagan74
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Sorry to hear about your issues. I am not an iPhone user but I would suggest that you first try the following:
How to Clear Your Browser's Cache on an iPhone
As you browse the internet on your iPhone, your browser will store bits of information about each site you visit to speed up loading when you return. While this can be great for quickly loading pages, your cache can start to eat up your iPhone's free space. Thankfully, all browsers allow you to quickly clear your cache, freeing that space back up. See Step 1 below to learn how.
Method 1 of 2: Safari
  1.  Tap Settings. This can be found on your Home screen.
  2.  Scroll down until you see "Safari". It's usually found towards the bottom of the fourth group of menu options. Tap on it    to bring up the Safari options menu.
  1. Tap "Clear Cookies and Data". You will need to scroll down to find it. A pop-up box will appear. Tap "Clear Cookies and Data" again to confirm your choice. 
The options will then be grayed out and Safari's cache will be cleared.[1]
Method 2 of 4: Chrome1  Open the Chrome browser. Tap the Chrome menu button ? in the upper-right corner.
  1.  Open the Chrome browser. Tap the Chrome menu button ? in the upper-right corner.
  2.  Tap Settings. You may have to scroll the menu down to find it.
  3.  Tap Privacy. This can be found in the Advanced section.
  4.  Tap the "Clear Cache" button. This is located in the "Clear Browsing Data" section. 
  5.  Tap "Clear Cache" again to confirm. Your cache will be deleted.
and see if that helps.
If that does not then you could try is to uninstall Backup & Sync, turn your phone off/on & then reinstall Backup & Sync, to see if the issue is cause by a fault install or update.
If the problem persists I would recommend that you Open a Support Ticket so that the Support Team can take a look and hopefully resolve the issue for you.
Also, I will ping one of our resident iOS Experts @ in case they have some better or alternative guidance for you.
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello @,
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Please go into your Account Console and set your permissions to access.
If that does not help my advise would be to uninstall/reinstall Backup and Sync. 
Also do you have a subscription for Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete may I ask? Because Backup &Sync is only available for this subscription.
If you continue to have issues then do as @ states and Submit a Support Ticket and they will gladly investigate this for you.
Hope this helps?